Happy New Years - We are very excited to share our new location!

Give us a call and meet our friendly horses, 

find out about our fun farm options; Daily, Summer and Monthly Memberships. 

Enjoy our new indoor parent viewing area.

1159, 18th sideroad, King City, Ontario (between Dufferin and Bathurst on the south side)

Donations - You can help keep this amazing program running!

Go to "Our Friends" page and see our donations list.

Welcome, you have found the place where you can make a child's horse 

dreams come true affordably and sustainably.

The Barn Ratz Club(formerly Perfectly Stable Farms) was MY dream as long as I can remember. 

When I was a child I imagined a world where I could have horses,  friends who also loved horses, and where life would be kind to all children. 

Perfectly Stable Farms (now The Barn Ratz Club) was built upon this belief: first that children need a special place, a place that  fosters responsibility, independance and accountability, the building blocks of progressive development

Second there must be a level playing field for all children regardless of station, situation or challenge. 

Third that financially horses should not be an unobtainable dream for so many children and their families.

We are The Barn Ratz Club and this is where horse dreams really do come true.


Julie Parsons B.A. B.Sc.

Community and Public Health.

Fearless Leader

Barn Ratz laughing with Surprise

The Barn Ratz with Baby Surprise.

A ray of sunshine always brings a smile!


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